Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 1st Challenge

November is here! Whew! If you work at a school like me, you know that Nov. 1st is one of those days where the powers that be should just cancel school. Wrangling kiddos is extra tricky on the day after Halloween! 24 hours later and the sugar high still remains! Hah!

Alright enough about school, let's get to our Let's Get Sketchy challenge for the month:

Here's my take: 

To be honest, I really struggled with this sketch because I was battling the size of my photos the whole time. Do you ever have pages like that? Pages that seem to take more effort? This was one of those for me! Thankfully, I'm finally happy with the finished product.

Have a wonderful November and I hope you join us at Let's Get Sketchy!

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